Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership

The Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership is a multi-agency, cross-party and cross-departmental body working to reflect the regionally specific needs of Northern Ireland in the development and implementation of UK immigration policy.


The Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership was established in 2011 to work across the spheres of government, private and voluntary sectors in the region to ensure that Northern Ireland is a welcoming place for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and supports the retention and integration of people in a way which meets skills and labour requirements to support future economic growth.The Partnership will ensure that Northern Ireland's needs and concerns with regards to immigration are recognised within the constraints of a UK-wide strategy. It will play a strategic leadership, advisory, and co-ordination role for migration in the region.

NISMP is hosted & managed by the Northern Ireland Local Government Association

NISMP is an independent body made up of relevant stakeholders. It is hosted by its lead partner, the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA), and is funded by the Home Office. There are many ways in which the Partnership and local government in Northern Ireland complement one another to improve the circumstances around regional migration and integration.

 How Does our Work Benefit Councils?

  • Improves data to ensure effective allocation of resources and accurate demographic information
  • Strengthens ties between local, regional and national government
  • Identifies ways to increase development of new projects without increasing the burden to councils
  • Increases information sharing and highlights and enhances benefits of strategic migration in the Region
  • Ensures that the local impact of decisions is represented in high level national policy
  • Improves the capacity of Councils and elected representatives

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Regional Strategic Migration Partnerships

12 Strategic Migration Partnerships across the UK have collaborated across regions to share data, run pilot projects and share services to migrants and asylum seekers. Their work includes

  • Providing a scrutiny role in the process of service provision to asylum seekers and refugees.

  • Coordination role for cross-sector collaboration on research and service delivery projects

  • Dissemination and interpretation of news and information as part of monthly newsletters on migration issues 

  • Facilitating training for policy-makers and service providers on migration issues

  • Providing explanatory notes and guidance questions for interested parties on changes to immigration legislation and policy, and clear indications of local impact

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Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership