Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership

NISMP is still in its infancy, but the Partnership has hit the ground running. Work has already begun, and will continue in the following key areas: Strategic and policy work; providing and sharing information; addressing awareness of migration issues; encouraging and supporting collaborative working across organistions in the region; and initiiating pilot and project activties of regional benefit.

Since the first board meeting, partners have been working to establish priorities for Partnership work and identify areas where NISMP can positively contribute in areas of migration. Work so far has included:

  • Review of existing data on migration in Northern Ireland and draft proposals for data improvement
  • Endorsement of a migrant crisis fund to help support service providers dealing with individuals with no recourse to public funds
  • Production of an at a glance guide to the rights and entitlements of different categories of migrants
  • Representing Northern Ireland at meetings of the National Migration Group, the Local Government Association Asylum Task Force and the Regional Strategic Partnership Manager’s Forum
  • Attending and contributing to meetings with bidders in COMPASS procurement process – dealing with housing and transport services for asylum seekers. Presented the specific attributes of Northern Ireland to ensure it continues to have high standards of service provision to those seeking asylum in the jurisdiction
  • Preparing responses to consultations from UKBA on employment related settlement and family migration, outlining issues specific to Northern Ireland
  • Compiling data on labour market and skills shortages and established a sub-group to deal with the specific economic issues relating to migration in the region
  • Collating data across partners to improve information sharing and disseminate best practice across sectors

NISMP has a dynamic strategic plan to meet its core objectives while adapting to the needs and issues arising out of engagement with member agencies and wider stakeholders. In addition to the continued multi-level engagement undertaken, the Partnership has a series of key projects and goals it will be pursuing in the next 6 months.

  • Working within subgroups to produce scoping papers and strategic plans on labour, skills and migration; integration and social cohesion; and gaps in welfare provision to migrant groups
  • Organising and hosting an NI-wide engagement event on the importance of inter-agency working in regional migration issues
  • Preparing guidance and information packs and information sessions for elected representatives and policy-makers on migration related issues
  • Commissioning and oversight of research projects on shared services, potential pilot schemes for the region
  • Transnational collaboration and communication projects explored and established
    Scoping exercises and implementation plans on the importance of recognition of regional difference

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Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership